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  • Coco


    My regular size (7 US) was just TOO snug. I went for an 8 and they fit much better!
  • Jia

    Love these shoes

    I got a pair of leopard print with tiger head for size 7, because I saw the review saying it is better to size down half or one size. However, when I try it on, the shoes were not long enough for my feet, and they final sale so I cannot refund them. Since I love them so much, I got another pair for size 7.5, and they are surprisingly big. I feel they are as big as size8... Anw they are adorable, great shoes, I absolutely love them. But, it will be better if I can actually try them on, because the sizes are really confusing.
  • Anonymous


    My size varies usually between 8 and 8.5. I bought 8s just to be on the safe side because I knew they ran big, and they fit perfectly! I love the design, and they are so comfy! Easily my new favorite pair of shoes!
  • Tangy

    Size Down!

    Size down guys! I am an 8, but I bought down in 7.5 and it fits perfect! I have 3 pairs now... Black Cat- 8.5 (really big, so decided to buy 7.5 in the future..) Gem- 7.5, cutting is different from Black Cat, still a little big (not a fan of this cut, doesn't seem as flattering. Panda- 7.5- same cut as black cat! PERFECT!
  • Lucy

    Perfect Flats!

    These flats are perfect for everyday wear. Comfortable and pretty sturdy. Definitely worth the price, that's for sure! No regrets at all. I got the Black/Gem ones. I think I need more.
  • Vanessa

    Just great

    Great shoes! Really comfortable, well-made and easy to match with both casual and elegant clothes! Normally I am a 8,5 but I ordered the 8 which was perfect. Thank you Solestruck, love you:*
  • Anonymous


  • krish

    thinking of buying another pair!

    no regrets great shoes comfy casual and stylish.
  • Anonymous


    Please get some more of these in! dying for a pair of the black or white kittys!
  • Anonymous

    Purrrrfect but BIG

    So cute and sturdy in real life! I got the black cat print btw. But it does fit big for those with narrow feet. I'm usually a 7, purchased a 6.5 and it's loose at the heel until my foot slips out. Now I'm wondering if I could have gone done to a 6. But such a lovely adorable shoe nonetheless, I'd highly recommend them!
  • Samantha

    The Cats Meeoow

    I purchased the black cat print, and i love them! The fit is true to size (I'm an AUS 10 and I ordered the US 10). I love wearing these bad boys around the office, they're definitely helping fuel the crazy cat lady rumors. ha-ha As previous comments suggest my only complaint with the shoe is the black cat print is slightly a light black than the shoe so it looks a little bit weird. However the shoes overall are so great it didn't really bother me too much. Good value for money :)
  • anne

    you have to have the attitude

    all of my friends think these shoes are whack, but i love them. people are weird about your shoes. the black cats are an off shade of black, and don't go with my other black things. but you end up not caring cause they are awesome. wear them almost everyday
  • Lina

    so cute, but so big

    i have the black kitty, love them these are so cute, im normaly wear a size 6, but only find 6.5 so i order them but they are so freakin big, cant wear them at all, it fits like a 7.5
  • Anonymous

    I'm in love!
  • Georgia

    SO cool

    These are really subtle and comfortable shoes that ROCK at second look. They're comfy, and they weren't expensive (they're made of cloth just in case it's not obvious in the photos). I am a 10US/9AUS and the size 10 fits PERFECTLY.
  • Anonymous

    Beautiful shoe, I get compliments like crazy, their very comfortable... BUT their not the best quality in my opinion. The cloth can wrinkle slightly if you bend a lot and the rubber came off a little bit on mine, but you can't complain for the nice price tag on these! I still love them. I own the black cat print and wore them almost every month of October!
  • Katy

    Seems like it is mens sizes

    I got the black cat print the second they came out. I was so excited. I ordered a size 10 it they were huge! I normally wear a 9.5-10 and I don't even think that the 9s would have fit me. I really think it fit more like a mens 10. I didn't order them again because I didn't want to go through trail and error of ordering more sizes to see what would fit. :(