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  • Marinna

    Love the design

    Love but they do run small. Ordered a size up and even then, they still fit tight, good enough to wear but not for an all day thing. And YES the condensation is very annoying. Just looks like you have sweaty feet constantly. I drilled holes in the size and it helped with it
  • Christian

    Love and hate

    Aesthetics: Lavet. It's eye catching, gorgeous and flexible. Wherever I go I get stares and compliments. You can easily style up an outfit by wearing these. It also gives you a good excuse to horde awesome socks. Maintenance: Can be a pain. You'll never be able to keep them in clean fresh out of the factory condition. When exposed to UV rays long enough, they get a dirty/yellow tinge. I soaked them in hot water for about 10 minutes and it helped overall, but the 'stain' stuck to the seams and edges. Luckily from afar, you can get by but close up you'll think 'ohgOD'. They also scratch and if dirt gets in there, you're screwed. Your socks will leave lint residue which'll be more noticeable in these than normal shoes. Biggest issue for me is the smell. When wearing these, they can fog up and pretty much steam your feet, making both your socks and shoes smell bad. I can get rid of the odor in my socks, but it takes more manpower for the shoes. Again, soak them and when finished, pour in baking soda and leave for a while before rinsing. I almost forgot to mention that the black laces will stain. Yeah, I didn't think that was possible. Regardless of what I did, it didn't remove them but when you have your laces in, it isn't that noticeable. I still give these a 4 star despite my ranting on the maintenance because no one here covered it and I want future buyers to know what's gonna happen and what you can do to help it. I love these shoes to death and am so glad I bought them when I did.
  • Stephanie


    They are cut really small so if you can buy a size up, do it! I got the 10 and i always fit into Jeffrey Campbell's so i was pretty disappointed when these arrived. They so look awesome on and when i can bear the pain and wear them I've received many compliments. Another thing, this hasn't bothered me so much but they tend to fog up when i'm inside maybe due to the weather and condensation but they look a bit funny and its just something to think about if you want to buy them.
  • Keaton Jean


    I absolutely LOVE these boots and had been awaiting their arrival only to find the reviews to be true. I am usually a 7.5 so I ordered up and the boots were still too small. My big toes hit the front and every step just made them hit the front worse. They are extremely wide and smell a bit funny. I am on the fence about ordering the next size up because I am afraid they will just be TOO wide. My foot is average sized all around, so maybe these would work for someone with a wider foot?
  • Anonymous


    These are so cute but, they are cut small I'm a 8 1/2 so I ordered a 9 . But once I got EM they were totally to small my big toe was directly in the front of the shoe it got numb after a while I wore them around the house ! I'm sending mines back and then they DNT even have half sizes  and that's how I feel good luck folks
  • Julie

    Fits short but love them!

    I'm a 9 with a wide foot and the 9s were too short and my toes were scrunched at the front, but the boots are roomy in width! So I need the 10.