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  • Draco

    Please restock in size 10 or 11, these are just too perfect!
  • Amira

    SO perfeeeect

    They are so amazing , I really need these shoes! please restock the black ones in size 5 !
  • Lizzi

    Should of listened

    Ordered my usual size 9 even after reading about these running big. Mistake, but they are too gorgeous to let go of. The heel to toe area fits nice, but the upper foot is too wide letting my feet get away sometimes. I'm now committed to wearing extra thick socks with these babies. It's fine though, I'm in love with them.
  • Lizzi

    Should of listened!

    I read reviews about these shoes being a size too big and I didn't listen! Ordered my usual 9. The fit on my heel to toe ratio is fine, but on top its too large to hold in my foot sometimes. I am now committed to wearing extra thick socks with these because they are too gorgeous ! I love them with all my heart.
  • Enormous

    You MUST order one full size smaller than usual. I was so sad. I got mine size 8, and I couldn't walk at all. It just slipped out. ToT
  • Anne Fritzsche

    Wow, these shoes are frickin' amazing! Beautiful soft leather and a comfortable size 8 for me. I got the black and white and they'll definitely go with lots of outfits. They'd have to be the highest shoes I've got and I love my heels! I think I'll have to be careful walking in them, so I wouldn't advise people not used to wearing heels to get them, you might do yourself an injury! But I'll certainly be rocking them in the streets of Adelaide in Australia!
  • Icecicales

    A lifelong goal now fulfilled!

    I'm a Jeffrey Campbell lover, but these shoes have now made YES my second shoe company of choice. Following the recommendations of previous reviews of this shoe, I decided to get my regular size 7, and I'm very glad that I did. These shoes are perfect! PERFECT!! The heel, the size of the shoe itself, and the look is EXACTLY what I needed, but not what I was expecting. The surprise I got when I opened the box and saw how large the shoe was in person just made it even better. This is indeed an attention grabber, and no these shoes are not meant for the faint of heart or tall heel wearing novices. These 6 1/2" make me feel like a behemoth, and that's what I wanted, to feel like a giant among others. I'm in love. Thank you Solestruck for making my day <3 <3 <3
  • Anonymous

    Almost perfect.... I wanted to love them-- they were an amazing height, easy to walk in, and comfortable. BUT the ankle opening was a bit big for my taste. I just feel like on me there was too much room around my ankle on the top of the shoe. I even bought two sizes to see if something smaller would look not as big. I just think with the shoe already being huge, having a big opening just makes them look a bit awkward on my leg. However, I think that most people (both those wearing and those complementing them) won't notice. It's just the outfits I had planned for the shoes didn't work with the big ankle opening. I need more shoes this height. I'm going to try the peep toe pump from this same brand.
  • Heather


    I purchased the black studded version. I am so glad I got my true size 7. For reference, I am a true 7 in Jeffrey Campbell ie: Lita. They are slightly less than a 1/2 size big. NOT a full size big. A size 6 would have been too small. I have room for a light sock and they are super comfortable. They are surprisingly light weight. The slightly pebbled leather is beautiful and the boots are very well made: excellent quality. I pesonally love the silver pin-dome studding. Very high-end rock n roll. . The platform is very large as you can see, but these have a perfect center of gravity and are well balanced. No trouble walking in them at all. Very stable. The look of the shoe pitch is deceiving as the platform and heel allow your foot to remain fairly horizontal. You are not walking on your tip toes. Just to give you an idea of height, they are higher than my JC Big Litas/Big Foxys and my UNIF Hellbounds/Vapors. They are very KISS boot looking. They are very flattering as they make my legs look long and skinny. I wore them to see Sebastian Bach in concert and had many many complements. Everyone was appropriately jealous. These are outstanding and fabulous! I know I will wear them often. I'm considering the all black version as a wardrobe staple as I love the textural suede contrast heel. Be warned: These boots are serious stompers. Great if you have the style to pull these crazy/killer boots off. In my opinion...not recommended for amateurs platform wearers. They're a big step up and a long way to fall down.
  • Sofie

    don't know

    I just got them and they look really huge in person. I mean, REALLY huge. I love platforms and super high heels but i didn't expect that they would be that big. They really are giant. They would be perfect if there was a few centimeters off the heel and platform. I'm normally a 10 and got them in a 9, and they fit (don't know if they would go with socks, i would have preferred a 9.5). The insoles are made of plastic, which looks actually great! They are a bit narrow in the toe area, but i don't know whether it's the shoe or just my feet. I don't know if i will return them or not... I like them when somebody is wearing them, but when i see them just like that i think they look like stripper shoes or Kiss shoes. So i don't know. They are also a bit heavy (not too much, but just saying). Oh by the way, i got them in all black :-) PS: they are really well made, the heel is made of suede and the shoe itself is made of leather, stunning!
  • Anonymous


    These shoes are a killer. They look über great and although they are super tall Im still going to rock them(Im 6ft tall) . Idk what Im going to wear them with yet but most definitely Ill find a way to.
  • Sasha


    These shoes are giant. They don't look too bad in the picture, but I'm 5 foot in height and these boots are bigger than my head. lol Anyway, I wish there was an inch taken off the heal and platform, but they really are a stunner. I don't know if I'll get much use of them, actually. I may return them. As for sizing, I'll ideally a regular 5.5. I got these in a 5 and they are a bit big, how a size 6 normally fits me. But I'm sure if I wanted to wear them with socks, they'd be perfect. The insoles are also very well padded. It's a soft plastic inside so that if you wore them barefoot, your foot wouldn't slide inside them, which really is for your own safety. lol They're pretty lightweight, I think they're easier to walk in than my Galaxy Damsels by Black Milk X Jeffrey Campbell, only because there's not much shoes when you walk in damsels, at least with these platforms you have the full length of the shoe to walk on- it doesn't narrow, if that makes sense.
  • MonsterAurelio


    These shoes are simply heaven on earth ! They're super beautiful and will def turn heads ! They say they run a size big but I think they are perfect with my regular size shoe I got . PURRRRFECT ♡